Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management and Technology, Raipur

Student Greivance

In the present era of cut-throat competition, students encounter high level of stress because of a variety of reasons. This stress leads to various anxiety issues, depression and other psychological imbalances. All these, jointly and ultimately, cause poor performance of students at academics and other curricular activities.

SSIPMT has a fully groomed and dedicated team of professors who understand and help out the students to overcome such problems. All kinds of difficulties are handled diligently and with care to bring back the mental harmony of students so that they can face the world with zest and vigor to excel in every sphere.

For any such queries the following professors can be contacted:

For Boys

Akash Soni8982672834
Parvez Alam7987951790

For Girls

Dr. Shubhra Mishra9926160707
Ms. Sumitra Samal8839516945
Dr. Mausumi Roy Choudhary 8085163551