Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management and Technology, Raipur

Mechanical Engineering

About The Department

The department of Mechanical Engineering presently offers undergraduate (B.Tech) study program to educate and train students in the broad areas of Mechanical Engineering such as Manufacturing Processes, Design, Materials, Energy Systems, Automobile Engineering, CAD/CAM and Manufacturing systems consistent with the technological developments and needs of industry. The basic purpose is to provide opportunities to students to work with faculty in the sponsored projects and R&D activities of the department. The department is fuelled by highly qualified and experienced staff in all streams of Mechanical Engineering.


To be recognized as a center of excellence in education, training, research,and innovation to produce successful value-based entrepreneurs and engineers to meet current and future global challenges.


The Mechanical Engineering Department strives:-

M-I To Provide state of art infrastructure to impart quality education to make students globally competitive to pursue higher studies.

M-II To create an environment for enhancing the capabilities of students in order to build their career in industry, academia and government organizations.

M-III To bring forth an awareness of ethical guidelines for lifelong learning and enhancing leadership quality to serve the society.

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Program Educational Objective


  • To prepare graduates with a concrete foundation in engineering, Science and Technology for a successful career in Mechanical Engineering.
  • PEO -2

  • To prepare the students to start-up career in industry or to pursue higher studies in Mechanical or Interdisciplinary programs.
  • PEO -3

  • To equip graduates with leadership qualities so that they may have the ability to work and communicate effectively as a team member or leader.


An ability to use modern modeling and analysis software tools for solution of problems related to design and thermal engineering.


An ability to learn the concepts of computer science and electronics engineering and apply in mechanical systems in multidisciplinary environment.

S.No. Faculty Name Qualification Designation Date of Joining
in the Institution
Nature of Association
(Regular/ Contract)
1 Dr. M L Dewangan Ph.D. Professor (Director) 25-Jan-10 Regular Mechanical
2 Dr. M Venkaiah Ph.D. Professor 1-Sep-17 Regular Mechanical
3 Mr. Naveen Jain Ph.D. Associate Professor (HoD) 1-Oct-08 Regular Mechanical
4 Mr. Atul Chakrawarti M.Tech. Associate Professor (HoD) 13-Jun-08 Regular Mechanical
5 Mr. Abhinav Kumar M.Tech. Assistant Professor 4-May-11 Regular Mechanical
6 Mr. Aakash Soni M.E. Assistant Professor 17-Jun-10 Regular Mechanical
7 Mr. Amarjeet Singh M.Tech Assistant Professor 24-Feb-12 Regular Mechanical
8 Mr. Ashim Mukharjee M.Tech Assistant Professor 1-Sep-17 Regular Mechanical
9 Mr. Ashish Kumar Upadhyay M.Tech. Assistant Professor 6-Jan-17 Regular Mechanical
10 Mr. Biranjeet Haldar M.Tech. Assistant Professor 1-Sep-17 Regular Mechanical
11 Mr. Chandrashekhar M.Tech Assistant Professor 1-Sep-17 Regular Mechanical
12 Mr. Hitesh Sahu M.Tech Assistant Professor 9-Jan-17 Regular Mechanical
13 Mr. Manish R K Sahu M.Tech Assistant Professor 28-Apr-11 Regular Mechanical
14 Mr. Manoj Mathew M.Tech Assistant Professor 8-Jul-16 Regular Mechanical
15 Mr. Mayank Sharma M.Tech Assistant Professor (Ph.D. pursuing) 15-Jun-10 Regular Mechanical
16 Mrs. Neha Verma M.Tech Assistant Professor (Ph.D. pursuing) 9-Jul-15 Regular Mechanical
17 Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sahu B.Tech Lecturer 23-Dec-15 Regular Mechanical
18 Mr. Prakash Rathor M.Tech Assistant Professor 1-Sep-17 Regular Mechanical
19 Mr. Prateek Singh M.Tech. Assistant Professor 23-Dec-13 Regular Mechanical
20 Ms. Rakesh Kumar M.Tech Assistant Professor 5-Jan-13 Regular Mechanical
21 Mr. Suraj Raut M.Tech Assistant Professor 7-Jan-16 Regular Mechanical
22 Mr. Taranjeet Sachdev M.Tech Assistant Professor (Ph.D. pursuing) 9-Jul-09 Regular Mechanical
23 Mr. Nishant Mishra B.E. Assistant Professor 18-Jun-12 Regular Mechanical-1st Year
24 Mr. Navneet Kumar M.Tech Assistant Professor 1-Sep-17 Regular Mechanical-1st Year
25 Mr. Ranjeet Gupta M.Tech Assistant Professor 1-Sep-17 Regular Mechanical-1st Year
Automobile Engineering Lab Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab
Robotics Lab Production Management Lab
Manufacturing Practice Lab Internal Combustion Engines Lab
Fluid Mechanics Lab Project Lab
Materials Testing Lab Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Lab
Kinematics of Machines Lab Workshop
Thermodynamics Lab Heat & mass Transfer Lab
Fluid Machinery Lab Mechanical Measurements & Metrology Lab
Dynamics of Machines Lab Industrial Engineering Lab

Innovative Practices in Teaching & Learning:

(i) 3-D printer is available for the students to print required mechanical
components to study the basic concepts of subjects.
(ii) Authorized training centre of PTC CREO.
(iii) Arduino classes for students.
(iv) C language classes for students.
(v) Assignment is given to students of all subjects using Google Form which is made available to the students in the official WhatsApp group in the form of link (Bitly).

Development activities in Mechanical Department:

(i) A You tube Channel is created by the department (CAD Motion Mechanism- SSIPMT Raipur).

Several workings models and products as developed by the students can be found in the above mentioned You tube Channel. The URL for the same are available below:

You Tube Channel- CAD Motion Mechanism - SSIPMT Raipur

1. Excavator Machine | Shreeraj Kunte , Aashish Sahu, Ayush Verma, Sameeran Chowdhury | SSIPMT Raipur
( wnyzyepWg&index=1)

2. Gear Box Design | Summer Training 2018 | Mechanical SSIPMT Raipur
( epWg&index=2)

3. Table Clock | Sameeran Chowdhury Mechanical | SSIPMT Raipur
( epWg&index=3)

4. 4 Cylinder Engine | Summer Training 2018 | Mechanical SSIPMT Raipur
( g&index=4)

5. Shredding Machine | Summer Training 2018 | Mechanical SSIPMT Raipur
( Wg&index=5)

6. Table Fan | Summer Training 2018 | SSIPMT Raipur

7. Multi Stage Gearbox | Design Club Mechanical | SSIPMT Raipur

8. Butterfly Valve | Design Club Mechanical | SSIPMT Raipur

9. Robotic Arm | Janendra Sahu, Rahul , Akash , Mahabir | Design Club ,Mechanical | SSIPMT Raipur

10. Quadcopter Design (Design Club, Mechanical, SSIPMT Raipur)

11. Robotic Hand (Niharika Choubey, Design Club_Mechanical, SSIPMT Raipur)

12. Double Slider Crank Mechanism ( Vikrant Sonkar, Design Club_Mechanical, SSIPMT Raipur)

13. Follower Mechanism (Gaurav Chandrakar, SSIPMT RAIPUR)

14. Hydraulic Lifting Table (Gaurav Dewangan, SSIPMT RAIPUR)

15. Elbow mechanism motion (NIHARIKA CHOUBEY, SSIPMT RAIPUR)

16. Slider Mechanism (Niharika Choubey, SSIPMT Raipur)

17. Elbow Mechanism with belt drive (By Niharika Choubey, SSIPMT Raipur)

18. Epicyclic Gear Train BY Shubham Awadhiya SSIPMT RAIPUR

19. Working of Radial Engine

20. Compound Belt Drive



23. Beam Engine with Motor

24. Worm and Worm Wheel Gearbox

25. Epicyclic Gear Train when Arm fixed


27. Reverted Spur Gear Box

28. Helical Gearbox | Design Club Mechanical | SSIPMT Raipur

29. Sun and Planetary Gear

30. Slider Mechanism

31. Sewing Needle Bar Mechanism

32. Link Mechanism

33. Slider Mechanism

34. Sliding Mechanism

35. Four Bar Mechanism

36. Motion of Link

37. Cam Follower Mechanism

38. Screw Jack Graphical Analysis

39. Spur Gear Drive | Design Club Mechanical | SSIPMT Raipur

40. PTC Creo Drilling Machine Mechanism

41. Quick Return Motion Mechanism

42. Engine block Ptc Creo Parametric

43. Belt Drive(

44. Spring Damping Analysis