Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management and Technology, Raipur

Mechanical Engineering

About Mechanical Department

The department of Mechanical Engineering presently offers undergraduate (B.Tech) study program to educate and train students in the broad areas of Mechanical Engineering such as Manufacturing Processes, Design, Materials, Energy Systems, Automobile Engineering, CAD/CAM and Manufacturing systems consistent with the technological developments and needs of industry. The basic purpose is to provide opportunities to students to work with faculty in the sponsored projects and R&D activities of the department. The department is fuelled by highly qualified and experienced staff in all streams of Mechanical Engineering.


To be recognized as a center of excellence in education, training, research,and innovation to produce successful value-based entrepreneurs and engineers to meet current and future global challenges.


The Mechanical Engineering Department strives:-

  • To Provide state of art infrastructure to impart quality education to make students globally competitive to pursue higher studies.
  • To create an environment for enhancing the capabilities of students in order to build their career in industry, academia and government organizations.
  • To bring forth an awareness of ethical guidelines for lifelong learning and enhancing leadership quality to serve the society.

Program Objectives

Program Educational Objectives (PEO's)

PEO1 To prepare graduates with a concrete foundation in Engineering and Technology for successful career in Mechanical Engineering.
PEO2 To prepare the students for pursuing higher studies in Mechanical or Interdisciplinary programs and to pursue their career in industries.
PEO3 To inculate leadership qualities in graduates to enable them to communicate or work effectively as a leader and team member.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)

PSO1 An ability to use modern modeling and analysis software tools for solution of problems related to design and thermal engineering.
PSO2 An ability to learn the concepts of computer science and electronics engineering and apply in mechanical systems in multidisciplinary environment.

Faculty Profile as per NAAC or MBA

Dr. Naveen Jain

Sr. Associate Professor

22 years 8 Months

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Mr. Atul Chakrawarti

Sr. Associate Professor

23 years

Dr. Mayank Sharma

Associate Professor

14 years

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Mr. Aakash Soni

Assistant Professor

12 years 6 Months

Mr. Manish R.K.Sahu

Assistant Professor

11 years

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Dr. Neha Verma

Assistant Professor

7 years

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Mr. Hitesh Kumar Sahu

Assistant Professor

9 years

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Dr. Rityuj Singh Parihar

Assistant Professor

1 year

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Mr. Kinshuk Maitra

Assistant Professor

7 years

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Mr. Arun Kumar

Automation Project Engineer


Dr. Taranjeet Sachdev

Assistant Professor


Mr. Nishant Mishra

Assistant Professor



List of Mechanical labs

  • Automobile Engineering Lab
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Production Management Lab
  • Manufacturing Practice Lab
  • Internal Combustion Engines Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Idea Lab
  • Materials Testing Lab
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Lab
  • Kinematics of Machines Lab
  • Workshop
  • Thermodynamics Lab
  • Heat & mass Transfer Lab
  • Fluid Machinery Lab
  • Mechanical Measurements & Metrology Lab
  • Dynamics of Machines Lab
  • Industrial Engineering Lab

Placement 2021-22

Sr No Name Of Student University Roll NO. Discipline On/Off Campus Name of Employer
1. T. J. Vikas 303303718021 MECHANICAL On Campus TCS
2. Diwakar Sahu 303303718045 MECHANICAL On Campus TCS
3. Rohan Jaiswal 303303718009 MECHANICAL On Campus TCS
4. Ragib Imtiyaz 303303718012 MECHANICAL On Campus Collabera
5. Pulkit Naik 303303718038 MECHANICAL On Campus Collabera
6. Pulkit Naik 303303718038 MECHANICAL Off Campus Wipro
7. Noble Naresh 303303718048 MECHANICAL On Campus Practo
8. Pulkit Naik 303303718038 MECHANICAL On Campus Practo
9. Mokshita Verma 303303718035 MECHANICAL On Campus Panasonic
10. Rohan Jaiswal 303303718009 MECHANICAL On Campus Practo
11. T J Vikas 303303718021 MECHANICAL On Campus Panasonic
12. Bhavya Besre 303303718045 MECHANICAL Off Campus Collabera
13. Pulkit Naik 303303718038 MECHANICAL On Campus SLK Software

Placement [Batch 2017-21]

Sr No Name Of Student University Roll NO. Discipline On/Off Campus Name of Employer
1. Seemant Soni 303303717035 MECHANICAL Off Campus TCS
2. Shubham Sharma 303303717038 MECHANICAL Off Campus TCS
3. Arpit Shrivastava 303303717005 MECHANICAL On Campus Collabara
4. Nidhi Sahu 303303717049 MECHANICAL Off Campus PharmEasy
5. Arpit Shrivastava 303303717005 MECHANICAL Off Campus Automotive Axles Ltd.
6. Faizal Menon - MECHANICAL Off Campus Lido Learning
7. Nidhi Sahu 303303717049 MECHANICAL Off Campus Byjus
8. Shourya Barve - MECHANICAL Off Campus Shri Tirupati Balaji Ltd.

Teaching Learning Process

Innovative Practices in Teaching & Learning:

  • 3-D printer is available for the students to print required mechanical components to study the basic concepts of subjects.
  • Arduino classes for students.
  • Product Development classes for students.
  • Various online learning events are being carried out.
  • Aptitude classes for students.
  • Design Software classes for students.
  • The use of technology in the classroom helps to engage the students with different kinds of stimuli and creates an environment of activity-based learning. It makes the content of the classroom more interesting and makes learning fun.
  • Skill Development classes

Certificate Program offered by Department

  • SSIPMT in collaboration with EVERX organized course on Electric Vehicle.
  • In charge: Mr. Atul Chakrawarti.
  • Beneficiary: 22 students from various branches.
  • Course Fee: INR 150 (including GST).
  • Current Status: Completed and Certificate Distributed.

Development activities in Mechanical Department

A You tube Channel is created by the department: Mechanical Design &Analysis – SSIPMT Raipur.

Several workings models and products as developed by the students can be found in the above mentioned You tube Channel. The URL for the same are available below:

You Tube Channel- Mechanical Design & Analysis – SSIPMT Raipur

You Tube Channel- CAD Motion Mechanism – SSIPMT Raipur

1. Belt Drive motion mechanism Tutorial Video | SSIPMT Raipur

2. Cam Follower Motion Mechanism Tutorial CAD Software| Mechanical SSIPMT Raipur

3. Spur Gear mesh motion Mechanism | SSIPMT Raipur

4. Two Cylinder slider motion Mechanism | Mechanical SSIPMT Raipur

5. Nut Bolt Mesh Motion Mechanism | Mechanical SSIPMT Raipur